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As you probably remember from this post, I recently took a trip to the Dutch capital with I Amsterdam and got to explore some of the city’s most dynamic neighbourhoods. It’s safe to say that the best way to discover a place is to hang out with locals, so I was in the best company! During my visit I had the chance to discover some truly great spots off the beaten bath and I’m really happy to share them here on the blog with you.  

hotel_casa_400_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_01 hotel_casa_400_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_02 hotel_casa_400_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_03


This hotel was our home during our stay in Amsterdam and actually, it kind of felt like one. The staff was really friendly and helpful, the rooms very clean, comfortable and quiet and breakfast was pretty good too. Similarly to all the spots we discovered, there’s something special about Casa400: the hotel is also used as student accommodation at affordable prices. I always appreciate business that contribute to the community!

Address: Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4, 1097 BC Amsterdam

de_vergulden_eenhoorn_restaurant_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_01 de_vergulden_eenhoorn_restaurant_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_02 de_vergulden_eenhoorn_restaurant_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_03


Just a stone’s throw from Casa 400, De Vergulden Eenhoorn is a farmhouse from 1702 turned into a cozy restaurant. A real hidden gem in Amsterdam Oost! The food is Dutch with a creative spin and changes depending on the season. During the summer you can enjoy the beautiful garden while on colder days, the indoor fireplace will keep you warm. We had a lovely lunch there and really enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly service. 

Address: Ringdijk 58, 1091 AH Amsterdam

vanmoof_bicycles_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_01 vanmoof_bicycles_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_02 vanmoof_bicycles_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_03


It’s no secret that cycling is a ubiquitous mode of transport in the Netherlands; there are literally more bikes than cars on the streets! Created by two Dutch brothers who wanted to make commuting the best part of one’s day, Vanmoof bikes are light, weatherproof and hassle-free. I got to test one and can honestly say it’s probably the easiest bike you can ride. The best part? These bikes are equipped with smart tech so in case of theft, the company can track them down and return them to the owners wherever they may be.

Address: Mauritskade 55, 1092 Amsterdam

restaurant_wilde_zwijnen_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_01 restaurant_wilde_zwijnen_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_02 restaurant_wilde_zwijnen_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_03


Another foodie spot we tried in Amsterdam Oost was the Wilde Zwijnen, a restaurant that serves traditional cuisine with a twist using local ingredients. Cozy atmosphere, modern decor and kind service – a nice spot to try if you find yourselves in the area! And if you do, go for the three-course menu; you’ll be positively surprised.

Address: Javaplein 23, 1095 CJ Amsterdam

makerversity_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_01 makerversity_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_02 makerversity_amsterdam_smarksthespots_blog_03


This was hands down one of the most inspiring spots we got to see in Amsterdam. Makerversity is a community of emerging maker businesses that provides affordable space, workshop facilities and funding opportunities to its members. It was very exciting to visit the space where young talented people work and inspire each other to develop new cutting-edge products and see up close how innovative ideas come to life. 

Address: Kattenburgerstraat 5, 1018 JA Amsterdam

hotel_jaz_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_01 hotel_jaz_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_02 hotel_jaz_amsterdam_netherlands_smarksthespots_blog_03


Jaz is a brand new hotel close to the Ajax Stadium that seems to have it all: modern decor, spacious rooms and helpful staff. I was actually so impressed by this hotel that I booked a room while I stayed in Amsterdam for a blog conference. More pictures on my Instagram – a full review is coming soon!

Address: De Passage 90, 1101 AX Amsterdam

So there you go, these are all the great spots I got to discover – hope you find them as interesting as I did. If you know of any other places worth trying in Amsterdam, I’m all ears. I need all the tips I can get for my next visit!

Sandy (@smarksthespots)