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Coming across the cafe of your dreams in the city you live doesn’t happen often, so I consider myself really lucky to have found Lulu Home Interior. This place is actually more than a simple cafe; it’s a concept store where you can browse furniture, have a cup of coffee or enjoy a light meal – a wining combo, right? 

Located in Chatelain, where the famous market takes place, Lulu Home Interior is a family affair. Created by Antoine and Mathieu, two cousins who were introduced to the furniture business by their granny Lulu, it’s definitely a special project. The former car repair shop has been transformed into an interior store / cafe that retains the industrial vibe and showcases stylish furniture brands like Serax, Bloomingville and Sits as well as local designers. 

I had a feeling I would like Lulu when I first spotted it on Instagram as I’m a sucker for beautiful concept stores like Living Room, L’Atelier en Ville, Hei Shop & Tea and last but not least, Merci in Paris. But I have to say that in real life it exceeded my expectations. It’s spacious yet inviting, unpretentious, colorful and full of beautiful objects – the kind of place you want to spend hours in relaxing, sipping coffee or working on your laptop (there’s free wifi here). 

I had a lovely afternoon the day when I took the pictures with a cup of jasmine tea and a slice of moist carrot cake, which comes highly recommended! Guillaume Gomez, whom you may remember from the famous brunch he used to prepare at the Cafe de la Presse, works his magic in the kitchen. I also hear that the barista of Lulu is one of the best in Belgium, so expect great coffee and some serious latte art. Next time I will be back to try their brunch which is essentially a rich à la carte English breakfast.  

If you’re looking for a quirky cafe, a place to have a quick tasty lunch or are in the market for new furniture with a Scandinavian feel, pop by Lulu Home Interior and don’t forget to send me a snap using the #seemybrussels hashtag!

Address: Rue du Page 101, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5372503
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