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Brussels has already a lot of options for lovers of Asian-inspired flavours (some of my favourite places are Izakaya, Takumi and Umamido) but what if I told you that I also spotted a restaurant offering brunch with an Asian touch? Yes, it may sound a bit odd to some of you but it totally works, trust me. All you need to do is give it a try (and let me know what you think!).  

Little Tokyo has popped up in the place of Chez Campion, a second-hand shop for cameras and photography equipment in Saint-Boniface very close to Yamato and Comptoir Florian, one of the best tea rooms in Brussels. The interior is bright and simply decorated: I love the beautiful floor tiles as well as the colorful pretty lanterns that you also seemed to like on Instagram. Their lovely terrace is also worth mentioning – no wonder why it gets packed on sunny days!

During the week Little Tokyo serves Japanese-inspired dishes, such as ramen (soup with udon or soba noodles), donburi (fish or meat with vegetables on rice) as well as smaller bites, like gyoza and tempura vegetables. Brunch is served every Sunday between 10:30 – 15:30 and includes an all-you-can-eat buffet, a small portion of ramen or donburi plus a warm drink for €19,50 – pretty good deal, right?

What I found really interesting about the brunch at Little Tokyo was the fact that apart from the usual brunch suspects like scrambled eggs, bacon, yoghurt and granola, I could also try more special flavours like vegetable dips (the eggplant and dukkah was really good) and salads (still dreaming of the salmon sashimi one!). It’s always nice to have different options and since the selection of dishes changes regularly depending on the season, there’s always another reason to go back for more!

If you’re looking for something different and original, give Little Tokyo a try. I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I did. 

Address: Rue Saint-Boniface 15, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5134841
WebsiteFacebook page

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