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Most of you have probably heard of Mykonos. You know, this ridiculously beautiful island in the Aegean sea visited every year by the crème de la crème of Hollywood stars, notorious for its partying and high end nightlife? The one yours truly visited this summer? Ok, I think we’re on the same page now! This post goes to show that Mykonos is full of relaxing, calm spots if you know where to look. Take Lia beach for example: crystal blue waters, smooth sand, comfy sunbeds and pure silence – priceless! When hunting quiet places in Mykonos, I came across a praising article about Liasti (Λιαστή), a great restaurant that had just opened in Lia beach – my favourite beach in Mykonos if you haven’t guessed already. It got immediately in my list and in retrospect, I’m really glad it did!

Liasti stands literally a few meters away from the sea. The space is very modern, bright and open with immaculate facilities. In the back of the restaurant there’s a big garden, where the owners grow their own vegetables. No wonder why everything tastes so good! The chef, George Venieris, and his team prepare everything themselves using locally sourced ingredients. When we realised we couldn’t narrow down our choices to a reasonable number of dishes, we decided to share some starters and a main in order to try as much as possible. Needless to say, we ate every last drop! I loved the fish croquettes accompanied by the greatest home made mayonnaise I’ve ever had, the chickpeas and sardines salad topped with fresh sweet onion and Greek olive oil as well as the sea urchin pasta, which was extremely tasty. Good quality food coupled with the attentive staff and the wonderful seaview made Liasti a restaurant to remember. Thanks for the great experience!

Address: Lia beach, Mykonos 84600, Greece
Telephone: +30 22890 72150
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