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I first discovered the Belgian pistolets through a dear friend of mine who brought them over for breakfast one day during my first year in Brussels. Later on I became a convert when I tried their gourmet version at Pistolet Original. My love for the small round bread rolls was confirmed once again lately after visiting Les Pistolets du Papa. 

Situated in the Chatelain square, the location of Les Pistolets du Papa is ideal. This area is actually one of the nicest in Brussels gathering some great foodie spots, such as Marcel Burger Bar, La Fabrique, Notos, TAN, La Piola and of course, the lively open-air market on Wednesdays. The space is beautiful too; bright, fun and modern with pops of yellow, wooden tables, little plants and an open kitchen where the food gets prepared on the spot. And did I mention the spacious terrace? The weather was not really appropriate for an al fresco meal on my visit but I can imagine how great it will be come spring.

I was also glad to see that there were other options available in terms of food apart from the Belgian sandwiches, like soups, salads and of course, cakes, brownies and delicious-looking cookies. My roast beef pistolet was tasty – crispy on the outside with a generous filling. A simpler version of the gourmet pistolets one can find in the Sablon but more reasonably priced (around 5-6€ each) and good for a no-fuss lunch.

Having developed a keen interest in slow food lately, I also appreciate the fact that they source their ingredients mostly from local producers which include La Fleur du Pain, La Ferme des Noyers, Salaisons BlaiseBertinchamps as well as Brusels Beer Project. And a fun fact that I got to discover thanks to Les Pistolets du Papa: Back in the 17th century the Belgian bread rolls cost as much as a “pistole”, i.e. a small coin, so over time they took the name “pistolets”.

I you’re looking for a nice spot for a quick lunch (they also do takeaway) or a coffee pit stop between shopping in the area, have a go and let me know what you think here on the blog or Instagram using the #seemybrussels hashtag! I’m planning to go back soon a Sunday and try their brunch so watch this space for more details.

Address: Place du Châtelain 19, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5383525
Facebook page

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Les Pistolets de Papa is now closed.*

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