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As you already know, lately I’m on a quest for healthy restaurants, slow food and great bio markets in Brussels. As much as I enjoy indulging in a juicy burger or a delicious pizza, it’s important to keep a balance and maintain a healthy diet as much as possible (#foodbloggersproblems!). One of the latest spots I’ve discovered is Les Ecuries van de Tram, a great bio market in Schaerbeek.

Les Ecuries van de Tram are housed in the former stables of Schaerbeek which have also served in the past as an old tram depot of STIB, a 700 m² space that remained unexploited for 20 years. Not too long ago, the organizers of Les Apéros du Parc Josaphat decided to take up the place to host the event during the colder months and create an indoor bio market. The end result is lovely and yet another reason to frequent this part of Brussels.  

One of the things I loved the most about this spot is its industrial vibe. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I find very interesting such buildings that retain part of their history. Another original aspect of Les Ecuries van de Tram is that all vendors are also the producers. The market is not too big but you can find pretty much everything: fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, tea from L’Heure Bleue, coffee from Or Coffee Roasters amongst others, olive oil, nuts, meat from Bio Hérin, bread from Benoît Segonds, wine… the list goes!

Once you do your shopping, grab a seat at the little cafe in the front and enjoy a cup of Apex coffee or a beer (we are in Belgium, after all!). I enjoyed my cuppa together with a flakey pain au chocolat from the market but next time I’m keen on trying the quinoa empanadas from Archy’s and the Pin Pon food truck. Note to parents: there’s also a small area for children to play while you enjoying your break.

For the moment the market is open only on Fridays and Saturdays but the aim is to extend the opening hours and days over time. I keep my fingers crossed that this will happen soon as it would be great to be able to do some grocery shopping and grab a cup of coffee there on Sundays too.

Address: Rue Rubens 95, 1030 Schaerbeek, Belgium
Telephone: +32 496 308676
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