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Lefkatas restaurant must be one of my luckiest finds so far. I still remember the evening we were driving back to the city of Lefkas after spending an amazing day at Egremni beach, so hungry and tired that the ride seemed way too long. As we were passing by Athani, a cute little village up in the mountains, we stumbled across Lefkatas (Λευκάτας). This place looked so cute that we decided to stop and have dinner right then and there. That very evening is still one of my most memorable summer nights to date!

There is nothing we didn’t love about this place: traditional Greek food, friendly staff who recommend the best dishes, breathtaking sunset views and a complimentary generous portion of orange cake with vanilla ice cream! If you ever have the chance to visit it, do try the pan-fried feta cheese with honey and sesame seeds, the zucchini fritters (“κολοκυθοκεφτέδες” in Greek) and the braised rooster with traditional Greek pasta (“χυλοπίτες”) – they were all mouthwatering!

As for the name of this spot (I am a huge fan all things Greek if you haven’t guessed already!), Cape Lefkatas is located at the southwestern tip of Lefkada, where the Sanctuary of Apollo was in antiquity.  According to tradition, this is the place where Sappho, the ancient Lyric poet of Lesbos island, committed suicide by falling from the cliffs when Faethon denied her love.

Address: Athani, 31082 Lefkada, Greece
Telephone: +30 26450 33149
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