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Those who follow me on Instagram already know that last Sunday I had brunch in a newly discovered spot, Le Pavillon Louis XV. This place was on my radar for quite some time now but I was waiting for the right time (or should I rather say weather?) to make the most of its strategic location, i.e. the Wolvendael park.

The Pavillon Louis XV is a beautiful Dutch house that was moved to Belgium (!), housing now a restaurant that offers an extensive brunch formula during the weekends – 50 different dishes à volonté (all you can eat) for 20€. And there’s still a twist: this includes meat that can be grilled by you in the outdoor barbecue. I call that good value for money!

My overall experience with the Pavillon Louis XV was bittersweet though. First of all, the location is absolutely fantastic: there’s nothing better than enjoying a long lazy meal in the park on a warm Sunday – pure bliss! It really felt as if I were in my private (huge) garden having a bbq with friends. Having said that, and despite the fact that I really enjoyed the barbecue bit, the rest of the food was not that special; I would prefer less variety in exchange for more quality. The spot is beautiful nevertheless and ideal for a cup of coffee or a meaty meal with friends, especially on a warm day. Make sure you book in advance!

Address: Avenue Wolvendael 44, 1180 Uccle, Belgium

*UPDATE Sept 14: Unfortunately, Le Pavillon Louis XV is now closed.*

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)