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If Belgium is known for anything food-wise, that’s mussels, great beer and chocolate. Our little EU capital has a reputation for offering some of the best chocolate in the whole world and although that’s a pretty bold statement, I won’t argue otherwise! One of the things I love about Brussels is the fact that some of the best chocolatiers are only a short walk away from home, which can only be good news if you have a major sweet tooth like myself. After having my fair share of Belgian chocolate, I am happy to report that Laurent Gerbaud is one of the best chocolate makers in town whose creations are a must-try. Because let’s face it: when it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

Laurent Gerbaud belongs to the new generation of Belgian chocolate makers. He studied History while taking evening classes on chocolate making. After a long trip to China, he returned to Belgium and started experimenting with new flavours and ingredients, like spices, exotic fruits and sugar substitutes. His journey to China is also reflected in his logo and beautiful packaging – a red seal depicting the word “chocolate” in Chinese. Now let’s talk about the chocolate: Rich, aromatic, delicious! Laurent Gerbaud’s blend is a special mixture of beans from Madagascar and Ecuador. I personally love the combination of chocolate with fruits and the fact that Laurent Gerbaud uses no added sugar which makes it much more of a guilt-free pleasure.

The chocolate shop of Laurent Gerbaud is located just a few steps away from the beautiful Mont des Arts. It’s bright, modern and has a small tea room on the side where you can taste his creations Monday to Sunday. If you’re a chocacholic who loves to make their own chocolate, you can attend one of Laurent Gerbaud’s chocolate tasting and making workshops – I did so and really loved it!

Address: Rue Ravenstein 2D, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5111602
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