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Sometimes all you need is a well-made homey meal. No frills surroundings, no experimental flavours – just really good food. Whenever I’m such a mood, La Piola is amongst my top choices.

This little Italian restaurant in the heart of Chatelain, where the famous farmers’ market takes place on Wednesdays, proves right my theory that the most authentic food can be found in the most humble of places. With a handful of tables and a menu comprising mainly a few pasta dishes, La Piola relies solely on simplicity and quality. I personally love their ragu pasta and of course, their wonderful tiramisu. Beware, portions are generous, so make sure you leave room for dessert! Another thing I really appreciate about this spot is that price-wise it remains affordable despite being in a fancy neighbourhood.

On Saturdays feel free to pop by at any time for a meal or an Aperol Spritz (they make it just right!). They are open all day and ready to welcome those who will skip brunch in favour of hearty Italian pasta. On sunny days make your way to the cute terrace in the back – seats are always taken quickly but it’s worth trying! Last but not least (probably for those new in Brussels), keep in mind that La Piola is not to be confused with Piola Libri, the Italian bookshop-restaurant near Place Schuman.

Address: Rue du Page 2, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 7369391
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