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When I heard that La Fabrique, one of my absolute favourite brunch spots in Brussels, opened a second branch in the Egmont park, I was really excited to say the least. Based on your reaction when I announced the news on my Facebook page, you were also thrilled about it. A few days ago I finally got a chance to try La Fabrique en Ville and it was everything I hoped for and more! 

First of all, the location is perfect. Located behind The Hotel, close to Avenue Louise and Le Petit Sablon, La Fabrique en Ville is right in the middle of Parc d’Egmont, a small yet absolutely beautiful park that has remained off the tourist trail despite its central location. The spacious terrace is the perfect spot to relax or take a break from shopping on a sunny day. The interior is just as charming. Bright, with modern decor, high ceilings and vintage little details, it has plenty of seating and a small space where children can play. The renovation works lasted two months and very little reminds L’Orangerie, the brasserie that used to be housed in this building.

Weekends are dedicated to brunch but during the week you can have lunch, tea or a cup of coffee. Just like La Fabrique, brunch consists of an all-you-can-eat buffet with plenty of choice both on the sweet and savoury side while lunch is all about lighter dishes, like salads, soups, open sandwiches and a few egg dishes. If you’re planning to have brunch, it’s better to reserve in advance as this spot is going to be really popular!

I’m always happy to see Brussels evolving as nice places pop up around the city and La Fabrique en Ville is a great addition. Take your friends or family, enjoy and don’t forget to send me a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the #seemybrussels hashtag!

Address: Parc d’Egmont, Boulevard de Waterloo 44/Z, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5139948
Website / Facebook page
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