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My love for brunch has been well documented on the blog. It has become a weekend ritual over time and although I regularly go back to my favorite brunch spots in Brussels, I’m really keen on discovering new places. That’s why when La Fabbrica kindly invited me to review their brunch I jumped at the opportunity.  

My partner in crime and I arrived at Tour & Taxis, where La Fabbrica is located, and were warmly welcomed by the staff. After a quick tour around the restaurant our hostess explained to us the concept behind their Sunday brunch which focuses on children. Every weekend many different activities are organised for kids (cartoons, juggling, face painting and a colorful bouncy castle that even tempted me!) who are free to play while their parents enjoy brunch. On our visit the weather was lovely so we took our seats at the open-air terrace (there’s another one inside the lobby of Tour & Taxis for colder days) and browsed through the menu before ordering.

La Fabbrica serves Italian cuisine during the week but weekend brunch is composed by all the usual suspects: croissants, eggs, crepes, cakes, yoghurt and granola, salads but also more elaborate savoury dishes, like pasta. We tried the two brunch formules, i.e. “le petit déjeuner” (viennoiserie, boiled egg, bread, jam and butter) and the “Brunch La Fabbrica” (beef carpaccio, salad and egg benedict), which was sufficient for two if you’re not too hungry and good value compared to the à la carte choices available. We both agreed that everything was good and did not lack quality but there’s room for improvement, which I hope will take place over time as the concept is really appealing. If you’re looking for a family-friendly spot for your weekend brunch, La Fabbrica is worth a visit. Your kids will surely love it!

Address: Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 4285026
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