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Going to the Caribbean was on my bucket list for ages. Warm weather, turquoise waters, friendly people and exotic flavours – paradise on earth! Way before finally crossing this destination off my bucket list, I decided to try La Canne a Sucre, the oldest rhum bar in Brussels, to get a little preview of what I was in for. 

This tiny cosy restaurant serves since 1982 a wide range of rhum cocktails (250 to be precise) as well as Caribbean food. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to enjoy their live music band, about which I’ve heard great things! The place is run by a couple who visited the Caribbean and fell in love with the area, its culture and culinary traditions.

We started with some pretty-looking rhum cocktails (small but rather strong) and the “assiette des îles”, a platter with different samosas and shrimp cooked in different ways – the dish was quit filling and great for sharing. I then had the coconut milk chicken, which is actually served in a coconut – a very nice surprise I have to admit! My dinner companion – partner in crime had the Matoutou de crabe, which was also tasty (no picture I’m afraid since he got to eat the whole thing before I even had the chance to bring out my camera!). All in all, a great meal with great company. My only objection: the prices are slightly higher than they should but we left pretty happy and that’s what actually counts.

Address: Rue des Pigeons 12, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5130372
*UPDATE: Unfortunately, La Canne a Sucre is now closed.*
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Sandy (@smarksthespots)