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Brussels has welcomed a new restaurant in the area of Chatelain with cute decor, delicious food and quite democratic prices. Knees to Chin revisits the traditional rice paper rolls and creates a whole new concept of affordable Asian-inspired street food with a healthy twist.

After travelling around the world and experimenting in the kitchen, Roxane, the lovely lady behind Knees to Chin, decided to realize her dream and create an innovative eatery focusing on quality. The name of the restaurant pays tribute to the eating posture of people in Vietnamese street markets, where rice paper rolls are amongst the most popular local delicacies. But here these yummy spring rolls are much healthier (very low in gluten and lactose free) and come with different fillings. My partner in crime and I tried them all and both agreed that our favourite ones were the duck with pear and caramelized onions and the marinated prawns with mango. Each roll costs around 4€ and can be accompanied by homemade sauces that compliment perfectly the flavours and side dishes (small bowl of sticky rice or salad). Perfect for a quick bite during lunch, takeaway or a casual dinner between friends.

The space is small but decorated with style: hanging plants and colorful jar lamps, wooden tables and plates with Asian motifs create a playful and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for a relaxed lunch, dinner or a quick bite – enjoy!

Address: Rue de Livourne 125, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 6441811
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