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When art meets food something magical happens. It’s not just about trying another dish but rather taking a journey through flavours and sharing the experience with others. Kitchen 151, a tapas restaurant in the area of Matonge in Brussels, is an interesting fusion of both worlds.

Simona and Tim, the lovely couple behind Kitchen 151, have departed on a culinary adventure just one year after the opening of Gallery 151, a successful art space on the same street. Their artistic background and international roots are reflected in the menu, which is influenced by Middle-Eastern cuisine. Both passionate about food, they decided to create a restaurant where people would get together to enjoy simple Mediterranean recipes over a bottle of natural wine or Belgian beer. And so we did.

The space sets immediately the tone: small yet cozy with an artful approach that combines vintage with modern. After settling into our table, a few nibbles arrived to get us started while we were browsing the menu: fresh bread, olives, tahina and olive oil – pure bliss. Since we weren’t sure what we should try on our first visit, we relied on Simona’s recommendations: aubergine caviar with feta cheese, red peppers and walnuts, pumpkin and brown lentil salad and the best hummus I’ve ever had. Based on Tim’s secret recipe, it was rich in texture, full of flavour and had the perfect balance between its ingredients. Trust me, you really need to taste it, words don’t do it justice! We also got the chance to try a new Belgian beer, “La Cambre”, produced by the Abbey of la Cambre here in Brussels – yet another successful discovery which complemented our meal in the best way. 

This was an evening of firsts: First time we tried the inspired tapas of Kitchen 151, first time we tried a new local beer and last but not least, first time we met Tim and Simona, two wonderful people that are the soul of this place. One thing’s for sure: we’ll be heading back really soon for more! 

Address: Chaussée de Wavre 145, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 512492
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