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Ever since I visited Garcia I fell in love with Portuguese pastries (warning: they are extremely delicious, not to mention addictive!). This time I discovered a little gem in Saint-Gilles, which makes up for a perfect alternative: Jynga. 

This little tea room – patisserie is located in an Art Nouveau house built by architect Ernest Blerot close to Porte de Hal and Potemkine. Apart from the beautiful Art Nouveau details, the first thing you notice as you enter are the giant princess-shaped cakes on display in the window – a bit on the kitsch side, but they makes me smile anyway! Other than that, the atmosphere is very laid back. The interior is not hip or modern but it’s relaxed, quiet and has many yummy Portuguese sweet treats on offer, including my favourite pastéis de nata (mini custard tarts) that you can also take away.

Another reason I used to love Jynga was their bargainous Sunday breakfast which included a Portuguese-inspired all-you-can-eat buffet that was really nice – so much so that I was regularly skipping brunch instead. I bet that anyone who knows me is shocked as I do love my brunch! The lovely breakfast has stopped unfortunately but the Portuguese pastries are still there, so if you’re keen on this goodies, give Jynga a try.

Address: Rue Vanderschrick 3, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5347061

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Jynga is now closed.*

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