Life is all about celebrating the little things – the first snow of the year, a day at the beach, a blossomed flower, a fun evening with friends, ice cream on a hot day, the smell of rain, discovering hidden corners in the city you’ve lived for years… Every month I’m sharing with you all those moments captured through my camera that made each day special. Follow my adventures on Instagram and share yours!


September is officially the most melancholic time of the year for me. However, thanks to an extended Indian summer, a mini trip to Greece and a bit of travel planning for Christmas, things were not too bad this time. Well, I won’t lie: ice cream from Nanouk, Portuguese sweet treats from the newly-opened Forcado and a brand new book from Passa Porta may have helped a little too.

Making the most of the last warm days of the year also involved sunbathing at the terrace of De Markten cafe, admiring Brussels from above at Parking 58, visiting one by one my favourite terraces in the city, picnics and waffles at the Cinquantenaire park, attending the Brussels Japan Night, kayaking in the Ardennes and last but not least, discovering Ventre Saint Gris aka foodie heaven! 

Right before my trip to Athens I discovered Philema, a great place where I can get at last my Greek food fix in Brussels. I also had a very proud moment as I got to be featured for the second time on #visitbrussels official Instagram account. Voilà, time to regroup and get ready for new adventures! Are you ready for October? Follow along and let’s find out together!

Sandy (@smarksthespots)