Life is all about celebrating the little things – the first snow of the year, a day at the beach, a blossomed flower, a fun evening with friends, ice cream on a hot day, the smell of rain, discovering hidden corners in the city you’ve lived for years… Every month I’m sharing with you all those moments captured through my camera that made each day special. Follow my adventures on Instagram and share yours!


Right, so this is officially the last S Files post for this year as next month I’ll be on holidays somewhere far far away with no proper Internet connection most probably – but more on that on a post to come within the next days! Truth is, November has been an intense period in terms of work but given that Belgium has two bank holidays within this month I did find the time to do my fair share of travelling and of course, share with you a few pictures from the places I visited on Instagram. See, this was a really special time as well as I reached I personal milestone, namely 1K followers which I celebrated with a little behind the scenes post.

My destinations this time were familiar places that I absolutely love: Paris, Chantilly and Lille. Big fan of France and its beauty! Oh, and its gorgeous pastry shops. There are very few pastry shops that beat Meert and La Patisserie des Reves in my books. Couple that with beautiful architecture, cute shops and the ever romantic atmosphere and you have the perfect long weekend! I am putting together a photo diary from each trip as we speak, so keep an eye on the blog for updates!

I also hopped on Eurostar and spent a London in weekend. They really know how to do Christmas across the channel! Streets were beautifully lit and decorated with all kinds of Christmas-y ornaments. The perfect time of the year for window shopping – yep, I did behave and saved some money for my upcoming trip. Still, I made sure I passed by Daunt Books in Marylebone to find a proper travel guide and La Fromagerie to stock up on the best granola ever!   
instagram_roundup_smarksthespots_blog_november_2014_03Back to Brussels, I had the chance to attend the very first edition of the Undisclosed Dinner which I can’t recommend enough, cross another brunch venue off my to-do list and finally complete my quest for the best pizza in town. While autumn has been really lovely in Belgium, I can’t wait to spend my first NYE ever under the sun! Any guesses as to where I’m heading? Well, you’ll find out soon as my Instagram feed will be full of exotic pictures! 

Sandy (@smarksthespots)