Life is all about celebrating the little things – the first snow of the year, a day at the beach, a blossomed flower, a fun evening with friends, ice cream on a hot day, the smell of rain, discovering hidden corners in the city you’ve lived for years… Every month I’m sharing with you all those moments captured through my camera that made each day special. Follow my adventures on Instagram and share yours!


It’s happening! While you’re reading this I’m in Greece enjoying some much needed time off from work under the sun with my best friends. If you have been following the blog for a while, you probably remember all the beautiful places I got to visit last summer in Greece, including the stunning Lefkas island and of course, THE party island Mykonos

Truth is, this summer has been pretty good in terms of weather and travelling. It all started with a trip to Cambridge, which I absolutely loved: punting along river Cam, discovering the history behind the gorgeous colleges around the city, shopping at the local open air market… I felt as if I had landed on a movie set or a fairy tale.

Back to Brussels things were not too bad either! I finally completed my list of the best healthy lunch spots in Brussels, discovered a hidden gem restaurant in the Marolles, and attended a sourdough bread workshop as part of my very first giveaway on the blog.

My foodie escapades also included a fair amount of ice cream, long brunch sessions with friends at Les Filles, Plaisirs Culinaires and Gaudron as well as a visit to Prelude, a brand new cafe in Saint Gilles. A bit of sun bathing at the terrace of De Markten and Cook & Book were mandatory too, a plan I intend to keep up here in Greece. More on my adventures on Instagram!

Sandy (@smarksthespots)