Life is all about celebrating the little things –  the first snow of the year, a day at the beach, a blossomed flower, a fun evening with friends, ice cream on a hot day, the smell of rain, discovering hidden corners in the city you’ve lived for years… Every month I’m sharing with you all those moments captured through my camera that made each day special. Follow my adventures on Instagram and share yours!


December has been a great month on so many levels! Before the Christmas craze kicked in, we got to enjoy quite a few unexpected sunny days in Brussels, which were happily spent with long walks around the Grand Place and Parc Tenbosch, antique shopping at the Sablon market, long lunch breaks at the terrace of Le Perroquet and the most amazing sticky toffee pudding at La Mercerie.

sfiles_december13_01…and then it was already time for London, which was a true Christmas wonderland! I mean, look at this:

sfiles_december13_02Gorgeous, right? Apart from window gazing and Christmas shopping, I was also lucky enough to indulge in my favourite treats of the season aka gingerbread cookies and mulled wine at Covent Garden and the famous Aachen Christmas Market in Germany.

sfiles_december13_03The rest of my foodie escapades included the best burger I’ve ever had at Patty & Bun, gourmet sandwiches at Pistolet Original and mouthwatering sweets at Lily Vanilli Bakery right at the end of Columbia Flower Market.

sfiles_december13_04My final destination in 2013 was Greece; probably my favourite country in the whole world! While most people believe that the Greece is mostly a summer destination given its beautiful islands, I can assure you there’s a lot more to see! This time I visited Ioannina, the largest city of Epirus in North-western Greece and absolutely loved it. I’m planning on putting a travel diary together and share with you some tips about it. Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!


Sandy (@smarksthespots)