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As the food truck scene in Brussels is growing and becoming the “it” thin, food truck dining has become another option next to restaurants. After introducing you to the gourmet croques of Keep on Toasting and yummy ice pops of Nanouk, it’s time to reveal another one of my favourite food trucks in town: Il Sapore Della Dolce Vita.

It seems that the three beautiful Italian girls behind Il Sapore Della Dolce Vita have come up with all the right ingredients for “The taste of Sweet Life”: a cute vintage truck, delicious piadine and a big smile no matter how packed it get at times. What is a piadina you may ask? As the ladies explained to me, a piadina is a traditional thin flatbread typically prepared in Italy’s Romagna region where they come from. Made with white flour, olive oil, salt and water, it tastes similar to pitta bread or pizza but it’s unique at the same time. This local delicacy used to feed the poor population of the Romagna region in the past; nowadays piadine are sold in specialised kiosks, the so-called “piadinerie”.

Il Sapore Della Dolce Vita has introduced Brussels to the delicious piadine, which are filled with typical Italian ingredients (Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, prosciutto, ricotta, squacquerone, mortadella, Modena balsamic) paired with vegetables and a splash of olive oil. Apart from the savoury version, there’s also a sweet one: how about a warm piadina filled with ricotta and Nutella or jam. Take a look at the pictures below and tell me you’re not tempted! They are filling, amongst the best cheap eats in Brussels (around 7€ on average) and can serve as lunch or a light dinner together with an Aperol Spritz. Just make sure you get on the line promptly because the piadine disappear really quickly as the word is spread – it’s no wonder the ladies won the 2013 award for the Best Female Food Truck in Brussels.  

The yellow truck of Il Sapore Della Dolce Vita can be spotted in various markets in and around Brussels, including the one in Chatelain on Wednesdays. You can also check their facebook page to keep track of their location. Buon appetito!

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