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One of the things I love the most about Brussels is that it’s not a city where everything is out there for people to discover. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great spots to see and try (hopefully this blog is sufficient proof!) but one has to be willing and curious enough to uncover one by one its layers and see what lies behind its grey facade. As I have been documenting my adventures in Brussels here on the blog, I was lucky enough to stumble on some little gems that seemed to be lesser known by locals and visitors. So here I am to share these spots with all of you; you may already know some of them but it’s worth exploring the rest. As always, feel free to share any other hidden parks or terraces and make sure to check my selection of the best terraces and best parks in town!

Felix Hap Park, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


Tucked between residential houses and a high brick wall not too far from busy Place Jourdan, this spot is a true oasis of calmness. It’s not really big and does not have manicured lawns that stretch as far as the eye can see like your typical fancy park but it’s lovely regardless. > Read the full review here <

National Library of Belgium Cafe, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


Both locals and visitors in Brussels would typically stop by the historic Mont des Arts / Kunstberg (“Mount of the Arts”) that boasts one of the most beautiful views in Brussels. Very few people know however the existence of this terrace on the rooftop of the Royal Library of Belgium just a few steps away. > Read the full review here <

Faider Park, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


This tiny park is tucked away amongst blocks of flats and townhouses in the heart of Chatelain, one of the busiest and most well-known areas in Brussels. Chances are you’ll miss it, unless you know exactly where to enter. > Read the full review here <

Play Label Rooftop Bar, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


When temperatures rise and the sun peeks behind the clouds, the whole city is out in full force to make the most of it. And what better place to do that than a rooftop bar? > Read the full review here <

Egmont Park, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


I’m pretty sure that this little oasis of calm is no longer a secret amongst the locals but it must be to visitors as it has managed to retain its tranquility despite its central location and small size. Whether you need a break from shopping on Avenue Louise or just a quiet spot to unwind, this little green jewel of a park is just perfect> Read the full review here <

Atelier en Ville, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


Housed in an old industrial building in the Marolles area, L’ Atelier en Ville reminds me very much of hipster coffee spots in Berlin, only cooler. But the best part is hidden all the way in the back: a quiet garden that locals love and visitors should absolutely discover. > Read the full review here <

Pierre Paulus Park, Brussels - S Marks The Spots Blog


This spot is a neighbourhood park which is off the tourist radar but very much loved by locals. During the week it’s eerily silent – a place you where can stroll around, exercise, take your children to play, have a picnic or just sit on a bench with your book and relax. > Read the full review here <

Have you tried any of these places? What are your favorite (hidden) parks and terraces in Brussels?

Sandy (@smarksthespots)