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Brussels may have many great qualities but it could definitely use some more options when it comes to cocktail bars. That’s why I was really keen to try Green Lab, a promising gin bar. 

Green Lab is located at the end of Avenue Louise, very close to the Bois de la Cambre, Chyl and the popular Cafe de la Presse. The neighbourhood is pretty quiet at night, so this place has been a welcome addition. The space is quite big and develops in three levels: entry, bar – eating area and a lounge with comfy sofas. The decor is industrial with lots of interesting details (watch out for the saxophones!) and, as the name suggests, green neon lights.

Now let’s talk about my favourite part, i.e. the cocktails! Green Lab currently offers 246 different types of gin, a wide variety of absinthe, 70 beers and a great selection of cocktails. Quite impressive, right? According to my research, Green Lab holds currently the Belgian record for stocking the largest selection of gins. Fingers crossed it will be able to beat the current worldwide champion, a 18th century pub in the UK, that offers 404 different gins! On our visit,my friends and I tried four different cocktails which were all really good. 

Green Lab also offers a few snacks during lunch time (sandwiches and quiches from Les Tartes de Françoise) and nibbles from Le Fromageon. This spot could definitely become a popular place for after-work drinks, a light lunch or late night cocktails with friends. I know I will definitely go back soon!

Address: Avenue Louise 520, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 485 175036
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