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God Save The Cream is a cute little cafe close to Place Stephanie that focuses on all things British. Its owners, Emmanuel, Isami and Gwanaëlle, have joined forces to create a small corner of Britain in Brussels where the food is purely homemade and prepared with care using organic ingredients sourced from small producers. Any kind of colouring or preservatives is strictly forbidden to make sure that the quality is there. Definitely a spot to add to your slow food list in Brussels!

The space is full of vintage details that will make you feel a bit nostalgic: a retro wallpaper, little wooden tables, porcelain tea cups and colorful illustrations from our childhood books. On the shelves of their small epicerie you can also find a selection of great foodie products, including delicious homemade granola and my favourite cheese crackers from La Fromagerie in London.

Now let’s talk about the food, shall we? Because after all, this is what makes God Save The Cream a great spot for a quick lunch or a comforting afternoon coffee. According to the season and what’s available on the market, you can find during lunchtime delicious fresh salads (prefect for a healthy lunch), homemade beef pie, a gorgeous platter of English cheese accompanied by chutneys, nuts, dried fruit, crackers and salad, or their specialty: the “God Save The Cream” dish, which comprises creative preparations of vegetables and fish or meat with exotic spices accompanied by Armenian bread (Lavash). Satisfying, filling and definitely something different to try! 

Given my major sweet tooth though, my favourite part is the pastries! God Save The Cream offers some of the best cakes in Brussels which makes them really hard to resist. The selection changes daily but some classics seem to be always on offer: Victoria sponge, cheesecake, lemon curd tart, carrot cake with the most generous frosting and mouthwatering scones to accompany your English tea. If you are a brunch lover like myself, you can also pop by God Save The Cream on Saturdays as from 10:30 and try their brunch menu. For 25€ you get a gargantuan meal comprising granola and yoghurt, a brioche with delicious toppings, a “God Save The Cream” dish as well as a cold and hot beverage. The perfect way to start the weekend before you go for shopping on Avenue Louise!

Address: Rue de Stassart 131, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5030775
Website / Facebook page

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, God Save the Cream is now closed.*

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