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Gazzetta is the latest arrival in the neighbourhood of Place Stephanie. Tucked in a quiet street not far from God Save The Cream, it’s a smart Italian deli that serves simple yet delicious dishes made of good quality ingredients. The highlight of this place in terms of decor is the geometrical central piece hanging from the ceiling which is filled with Italian goodies for sale.

One of the aspects I really love about Gazzetta is the fact that they are open all day, including weekends, which makes it very versatile. You can either grab a coffee or a panini on the go, enjoy a homey Italian meal or after work drinks with friends. On the menu a few dishes – antipasti, two mains (pasta and meat of the day) and dessert. On our visit, we started with the mozzarella di bufala and a side of grilled vegetables before moving on to our main dish, pasta al forno (oven-baked pasta with cream, tomato sauce, mushroom and prosciutto) for my friend and pasta with tomato sauce and basil for me.

The antipasti were really good – tasty and accompanied by bread and Italian virgin olive oil. The pasta was properly cooked and quite nice too but I have to admit that we were expecting something more special, especially considering the prices. Once dessert was served, we were back to being happy again: the tiramisu was great – fresh, creamy and with the right kick of espresso flavour.

I also hear that Gazzetta offers apertivo (one of my favourite Italian rituals) on certain weekdays, which can only mean one thing: I’ll go back soon!

Address: Rue de la Longue Haie 12, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5139213
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