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Gaudron has been one of the first spots to catch up with the increasingly popular brunch concept in Brussels. Located in Place Brugmann, one of the most beautiful residential areas in Brussels, and equipped with a big terrace in the front, it’s just the perfect place for people watching and sunbathing on a warm day, not to mention one of the best brunch spots in Brussels!

Both a deli and a café – restaurant, Gaudron serves lunch during the week and its rather famous brunch during the weekends, which I have tried – naturally – on numerous occasions. The food is excellent all the way from the “oeufs spécial Gaudron” to the mouthwatering raspberry tartelettes, pancakes and pain perdu, i.e. french toast with maple syrup. The small delicatessen offers an equally delicious variety of fresh salads and pastries to take away as well as gourmet treats, like Pierre Marcolini chocolate, homemade jams and Dorset cereals. There’s a bookshop right nextdoors too, where you can browse through cookbooks, novels (mostly in French) and a good selection of international press.

Having said all that, truth is that despite its great food and nice location Gaudron could take some steps to improve its service and attitude. Had the staff been more polite and organised, it would definitely stand out from other restaurants.

Address: Place G.Brugmann 3, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 3439790

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Gaudron is now closed.*

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