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Friday evening at home. You’re happy to welcome the weekend but at the same time a bit tired to cook or go out for dinner. I’ve been there – haven’t we all? Well, it seems I’ve spotted the perfect solution and am happy to share it with you all: Deliveroo.

Whether you fancy trying a new restaurant or opting for an old favourite, you can do so without leaving the house. The food is delivered right at your door and can be anything from a juicy burger to a healthy salad or a scrumptious curry. The process is quite simple: Go online, enter your address to find all the restaurants available in your area, place your order, wait for your food to arrive and finally, (the best part) enjoy. Easy peasy!

Deliveroo launched in London back in 2013 and now operates in different cities, including Paris and our very own Brussels. They deliver food by bike from a number of selected restaurants to your location – it can be your home, work, hotel or anywhere else you happen to be. Depending on your address, you’re able to choose from restaurants within a radius of 2,5 km from their location to make sure that the food is delivered within 30 minutes. The delivery service is available for lunch and dinner 7 days a week and it’s possible to place an order even 24h in advance (great idea for a small dinner party). You can use either the website or the iOS app – I found them both well laid out and pretty easy to navigate.

I tried Deliveroo last week for the first time and was honestly blown away by the quality of service and especially, by how fast the food arrived. Let’s just say that it took me more time to decide on what to have (the range of restaurants was pretty good in my defence!) than to have it delivered at home. My partner in crime and I finally went for a burger and a steak from Meet Meat, a spot we’ve been wanting to try forever. The whole process went really smoothly: As soon as I placed my order, I got a confirmation email and could track its status in real time. 25 minutes later we were already enjoying our meal which arrived at great temperature and not spoiled at all as we would expect in the restaurant itself. Well worth the 2.50€ delivery fee, if you ask me. Ever since I have used it with friends a few times and never been disappointed. 

I’m really happy to have more options when it comes to delivery besides sushi and pizza (which was the case for a long time in Brussels), especially when it means speedy service and the chance to get good quality food!

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)