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One of the things I truly love about Brussels is that the moment you think you know the city all too well, you come across the most amazing hidden spots that have been right in front of your eyes for years. As I’ve mentioned before, Brussels is one of those cities where you need to know where to look in order to fully appreciate its beauty and this time I was surprised by the Felix Hap park, a beautiful green space in Etterbeek.

Tucked between residential houses and a high brick wall not too far from busy Place Jourdan, the Felix Hap park is a true oasis of calmness. It’s not really big and does not have manicured lawns that stretch as far as the eye can see like most of the parks included in this list but it’s lovely regardless. The park used to be a private garden in the past. It was bought back in 1804 by Albert Joseph Hap, mayor of the municipality of Etterbeek, and used by his son later on François-Louis as the grounds for his notary office before being donated to the city by Felix Hap in 1988. The area was eventually extended with the addition of another piece of land and turned into a semi-natural space for educational purposes that showcases different plants and animal species.

As you move from one part of the park to another, you kind of see its evolution throughout the years. Wooden benches, paths, a little kiosk and the old cowshed that has become artist’s Patrick Laroche workshop will make you feel as if you’re in someone’s private garden. That’s until you walk a bit further towards the small pond which was covered half covered in water lilies, irises and marigolds on my visit. This was probably my favourite spot as it was a bit isolated and really quiet, so I took a little break before taking a walk around the majestic trees which had the cutest little bird houses.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to read a book, sunbathe, play with your children or just relax, the Felix Hap park is a nice option. Enjoy the surroundings and then head to Or Coffee or 13 Degrees nearby for coffee or a glass of wine!  

Address:Jean-Felix Hap park, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium 

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