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As much as I enjoy indulging in sumptuous foodie treats every now and then, I’m always very conscious of keeping a balance in my diet. Healthy eating is a lifestyle rather than a trend, so it’s great to see businesses in the food industry that are mindful of supporting this culture. After discovering the bio market at Les Ateliers des Tanneurs I have spotted Farm, another food store gem in the area of Sainte-Catherine this time. 

This spot is the initiative of Alexis Descampe and Baptiste Bataille who own The Peas, another well-stocked organic store in Etterbeek. Farm is housed in a former public auctions hall not too far from De Markten and Via Via Travelers’ Cafe. Although you can’t tell from the entrance, the space is quite big (380 m²) and organised in such a way that resembles a regular supermarket, only with much healthier range of products and industrial decor. Walk past the cashiers, and you’ll find yourselves in foodie heaven: there’s a counter for cheese and meat, a little bakery, a separate section for vegetables and a few aisles with shelves full of organic, fair trade or locally sourced products. Upstairs you’ll find household and beauty products but admittedly, I was more tempted by the ground floor.

The quality is definitely there but Farm also spoils us in terms of choice. They have plenty of different products and fresh supplies, including for vegans and vegetarians, and of course, some of my personal favourites such as the Generous Cookies (which I’ve mentioned before on the blog), Vieux Liège cheese and couscous with herbs and edible flowers (a-ma-zing!). Not surprisingly, Farm is a bit pricey but quality doesn’t come cheap, right? Now, I kept the best part for the end: Apart from a bio store, Farm is a cooperative whereby you can participate by purchasing shares (20€ each) and become a “farmer”. Similarly to other cooperative projects, like La Tricoterie for instance, becoming a shareholder gives you access to various activities organized by Farm and other benefits. 

So, next time you find yourselves around Sainte Catherine, give Farm a go. I’m sure it will covert you to a bio food lover in no time!

Address: Quai au Bois à Brûler 43, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 2182481
WebsiteFacebook page

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