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When a nice concept is executed with love, success is almost guaranteed. A few weeks ago I had the chance to try Farci, a great spot that was love at first bite, so I knew I just had to share it here on the blog!

Located in an old paper shop in Uccle, Farci is a cute little eatery that prepares stuffed vegetables daily, ready to takeaway or order through Deliveroo if you’re not feeling like going out. The space is small but bright and very charming, with retro details and a little epicerie on the side where one can find foodie treats, including Callas jams (you have to try them, so delicious!). 

After working for a few years at Les Filles, one of my favourite restaurants for both brunch and lunch in Brussels, Tiffany embarked on a new adventure and created her own space. I always admire people who go after their dreams and could tell from the moment I stepped in that she’s injected all her talent and enthusiasm in this project. She was kind enough to welcomed some fellow bloggers and I to cook together at Farci and then try the fruits of our labour.

We prepared one of the dishes on offer: thick butternut slices filled with minced pork seasoned with parmesan and parsley, sprinkled with roasted sunflower seeds and accompanied by lentil salad as well as a tomato and mascarpone sauce. Our dish was colorful, balanced and very tasty indeed. All the ingredients are fresh, mostly bio and sourced from Belgium, so the quality is reflected on the end product. I was also very happy to see that the food tasted just as good (if not better!) the next day. It’s a good thing that the dishes vary depending on the season and Tiffany’s inspiration because it means I’ll always have a reason to go back and try something different!

If you’re looking for a spot to have a healthy lunch, Farci is a great place. There are different options for both vegetarians and carnivores, and since most dishes are gluten and dairy-free, it’s suitable for people with dietary restrictions. Not to mention the very reasonable prices and the fact that it’s open on Sundays. Farci suprised me in the most positive way and I’m sure you’ll like it as much!

Address: Place Saint Job 666, 1180 Uccle, Belgium
Telephone: +32 477 578100
WebsiteFacebook page

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Farci is now closed.*

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