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Discovering a great new restaurant is always good news but when it’s all about Greek food too, then it’s just great! When I first saw on Facebook that Ergon was coming to Brussels, I couldn’t wait to try it. After launching successful branches in London and various locations around Greece, Ergon has opened its doors in the heart of Europe to welcome Greek food lovers. A couple of weeks back, I finally made it there together with some friends and the verdict was unanimous: a-ma-zing!

Ergon has steered away from the cliché folklore decor of Greek restaurants abroad; it is instead a great example of a contemporary Greek restaurant. The space is big enough to fit a few tables and a small deli full of Greek goodies with beautiful packaging. We were wise enough to book a table in advance and actually got one overlooking the open kitchen where all the magic happens.

A proper Greek meal is always rich in quantity and shared around the table. I have to agree with Ergon’s motto that food tastes better shared – it just makes the experience more authentic. My friends had already been to Ergon before and had their favourite dishes: freshly-cut fries with gruyere cheese from Naxos island; meatballs with raisings, pistachio and mustard from Thessaloniki with lavender; cheese pies filled with soft cheese from Kozani, peppers and fresh oregano; lettuce and crispy chicken salad with mustard; pan-fried gruyere topped with rose petals in syrup; and beetroot risotto with salami from Lefkada, fresh thyme and yoghurt cream. One by one delicious dishes in generous portions kept landing on our table and had us longing for more – until we were so full we could barely move! 

After indulging in delicious Greek delicacies, we needed some Greek coffee and of course, dessert! We shared both puddings featured on the menu, namely the chocolate mosaic with Vinsanto wine from Santorini and fresh berries; and a modern take on chocolate baklava. In typical Greek fashion, the staff were kind enough to offer us a special dessert off the menu which was just as beautiful and tasty: a praline cheesecake in a jar topped with syrupy rose petals. Yum!

If are a fan of Greek food or wish to discover modern Greek flavours, Ergon is absolutely worth a visit. I loved every single dish and would definitely recommend it for a fun meal with friends and family. And take note, all dishes are also available for takeaway!

Address: Rue du Parnasse 1, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5029277
WebsiteFacebook page

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