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L’Epicerie is a hidden gem only known to those who skip the crowds on Avenue Louise and wander around the much calmer side streets. Not too far from Audrey Hepburn’s house, L’Epicerie is an old grocery store turned into a restaurant that retains all its character. The whole space is full of little cozy and playful details that make this spot so beautiful: windows swamped by the ivy growing outside, old wooden shelves with all kinds of groceries, mismatched vintage chairs, kids’ drawings, a turntable playing the greatest music and the cutest drawings of an old scale made by kids of different ages.

The owner, Mr. Mongkthon, left his home country Thailand quite a few years back but stills keeps a little piece of it here in Brussels. He runs this place all alone and is the most welcoming host you could hope for. Everything is homemade and delicious! On the menu quiches from Les Tartes des Françoise, salads, freshly made sandwiches (the guacamole & Parma ham one is yummy!), a daily soup and a Thai curry dish, which is not to be missed. A very generous portion of meat, veggies and sticky rice full of exotic flavor with just the right amount of spicy accompanied by a pot of warm tea with fresh ginger – bliss!

L’Epicerie is ideal for a quick lunch on the go too as Mr. Mongkthon will prepare your sandwich to take away with a smile. Price-wise this spot is one of the best and cheapest deals you can find in Brussels, but remember to bring cash as cards are not accepted here. L’Epicerie opens around midday Monday to Sunday for lunch and closes as soon as the last guest has left, so try not to be too late!

Address: Rue Keyenveld 56, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5137184

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