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I have a confession to make. You know how I much I enjoy sharing all the great places I discover but there are those times when I come across such a great hidden gem that I’m tempted to keep it to myself. L’Epicerie falls in that category. I first spotted this cute little restaurant in the heart of Chatelain by accident and fell in love with it. It’s unassuming and easy to miss but considering it has been there for over a decade, I couldn’t believe it had remained under the radar. This changed last summer when I saw it figuring in a NY Times Guide, so I knew the secret was out there and rightly so.

Tucked away on Rue du Page and not too far from some of my favourite spots in Chatelain, like Lulu Home Interior, Marcel Burger Bar and El Vasco, L’Epicerie has a very different vibe than your typical restaurant. There’s no fancy decor or lots of staff and the kitchen is not a professional one. Instead, it looks and feels like a home. Magalie Boutemy welcomes her guests, cooks everything herself and comes up with a different daily special. It’s almost like you have been invited to her home for a meal. Take a seat in one of the few tables and Magalie will let you know the dish and dessert of the day – there’s only one option but honestly, I have never been disappointed. You just need to make sure you arrive early as it may be that the dishes have sold out.

On the day I took the pictures, I was lucky enough to taste Magalie’s version of spinach pie. When I told her that it was similar to my mother’s ”spanakopita”, she smiled and said that she had got the recipe from a Greek friend. And once again, her cooking was delicious! The food here is healthy and seasonal based on what Magalie finds on the market. She actually also buys a lot of her veggies from the market I also usually go, the Marché des Tanneurs. Naturally, I couldn’t pass on dessert. Magalie had just made vanilla creme pots but I went for a slice of her matcha and cherry cake and a cup of herbal tea – simple yet so good!

If you’re looking for a cozy and inexpensive spot for lunch in Brussels, make sure to give L’Epicerie a try. And don’t forget to send me a picture on Instagram with the #seemybrussels hashtag!

Address: Rue du Page 66, Ixelles, Belgium 
Telephone: +32 477 986029
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