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Last week I finally gave in to Autumn. Being one of these people that just can’t resist the sunlight, ice cream and summer sandals I do struggle at times with the fact that I live in a country with such unpredictable weather and heavy rainfall. Witnessing the changing of the seasons can be a bit melancholic, especially when you’ve had such a great time during summer, but as I grow older I find myself focusing more on all those little things that make life beautiful. 

After taking a long walk around Brussels, I stopped at Park Leopold, where I literally fell in love with all the beautiful colours: deep, warm, earthy, absolutely beautiful! I ended up taking countless photos and then sat on a bench with my new favourite book trying to take in the beauty and calmness of it all. And then it hit me – I had started to embrace Autumn and stop dreaming about my next escape towards warm temperatures. I couldn’t help but think of Albert Camus’ quote:

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

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