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As a passionate foodie (and blogger no less!), one of the things I love doing when visiting a city is to discover and try some of its greatest food spots. They don’t necessarily need to be fancy or upscale but I am quite picky in terms of quality. Having already visited Amsterdam before (you can see some of my favourite off-the-beaten-path spots here and here), I loved the vibe of the city but was not overly impressed by its food scene. That’s why when Eating Amsterdam invited me to take a food tour with them, I jumped at the chance and was secretly hoping that this time round it would be different. Well, I’m happy to report it actually was!

I joined the rest of the group early in the morning in front of Café de Prins where we got to taste our first (and my absolute favourite) dish of the day: “poffertjes”. Think of tiny little fat pancakes topped with a slab of butter and snowed with sugar. True calorie bombs but oh so sweet and fluffy! It was right then and there that we started a mini competition about who could finish their dish and still go through with the rest of the tour (full disclosure: I didn’t win!). Our group consisted of great people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds who were all eager to discover some of the best spots in the Jordaan district. Thanks to our enthusiastic guide, Aileen, it was mission accomplished!

I won’t unveil all the little gems I got to discover as I think that part of the whole experience is the surprise factor. I will tease you though with a few pictures and share some of the things I got to learn on this tour. Did you know the Dutch used to eat tulip bulbs? Me neither! How about Cafe Papeneiland, one of the oldest cafes in Amsterdam that serves the best apple pie in the city? I also got to try Surinamese food for the first time. As you probably know, Suriname, the smallest country in South America, used to be a Dutch colony and still maintains close economic and cultural ties to the Netherlands. Turns out, I’m not the biggest fan of Surinamese sandwiches. What I do like apparently is herring, a favourite among the Dutch, which is served raw alongside chopped onions and pickles. Not everyone’s cup of tea but a special local treat. 

If you’re curious to sample a range of Dutch specialties while learning a bit of history along the way, you’ll definitely enjoy the Eating Amsterdam Food Tours. Just make sure to arrive (really) hungry – a lot of food and fun are guaranteed! 

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