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One of the things that make me happy – aside from travelling, photography and brunch – is a home that exuberates style and joy. Although I have only shared just a few snippets from my flat on Instagram, like my miniature vases that I got from Rosendals Tradgard in Stockholm as a souvenir and whimsical bulb vases from Merci in Paris, I’m very picky when it comes to homeware. Dille & Kamille has won my heart ever since I spotted it in Brussels, so  whenever I go shopping around Avenue Louise, I can’t help taking a detour there.

Dille & Kamille is one of the cutest homeware stores you’ll ever find. The chain come from the Netherlands but they have several stores in Belgium, including a lovely one that I often visit in GhentTheir Brussels branch isn’t too big but has absolutely everything – from gardening tools and flowers, cooking utensils, candles, tea and spices, bath and beauty products to colourful toys for kids (or adults who never grow up!). I simply love the lavender sachets for lingerie drawers, the lemon risotto and speculoos spice mix, an essential ingredient for my guilty pleasure baking. Dille & Kamille is a shop that speaks quality – if you fancy cooking, gardening or hearty gifts at refreshingly low prices, this spot is right up your alley! Needless to say, I hardly ever leave empty-handed.

If you feel like treating yourself while shopping in Brussels, pop by, browse at your ease and grab whatever strikes your fancy. While you’re at it, get a free sample from their tea bar. And if you’re hungry or crave something sweet, don’t miss God Save the Cream and Bocca Moka, two of my favourite spots nearby.

Address: Rue Jean Stas 16, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5388125
Website / Facebook page

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