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Cook and Book is a really special place. It may not be exactly a secret, since it’s already popular among the Bruxellois and the ever-expanding expat community of Brussels, but is certainly worth sharing here on the blog.

The name reveals a part of what this spot is all about: a bookstore with a large collection of books for all tastes where you can enjoy a very nice meal, including Sunday brunch. What you cannot probably guess based on the name is all the brilliant work behind the Cook and Book project. First of all, its size: Cook and Book comprises 9 thematic spaces, each of them with a completely different set up and atmosphere.

Kids will fall in love with the comic books section – a fantasy world made up of a large communal wooden table, Mickey and Superman hanging from the ceiling and a wide range of comics from all over the world. Travel enthusiasts, like myself, can spend hours flipping through travel and city guides over coffee in a US converted Airstream trailer. The art section also impresses with its modern decor featuring large tinted cubical glasses and neon lighting.

Another favourite of mine is the music section, where you can enjoy a glass of wine on the famous sofa painted in the colours of the Belgian flag while listening to vinyl records. Foodies can also browse through a selection of cooking books (warning: the Italian trattoria with the old Fiat dominating the room is hard to resist!). Last but not least the most impressive of all rooms: the English section – an old-fashioned wooden library with thick carpets, S-shaped red leather couches, study lamps  (foodie tip: go for a cuppa and scones with cream and jam – can’t get more British than that!) – and the fiction department, a black room where hundreds of books are hanging from the ceiling.

On a sunny day, get your book and sit out on the spacious terrace. If you are lucky (and early) enough you may even get one of the chaises longues on the courtyard for a bit of sunbathing!

Address: Place du Temps Libre 1, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 7612600
Website / Facebook page

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