Blogaholic (n.) = someone whose life subsists for their online blog and their fan club, namely other blogaholics.

It all started casually, with a bit of enthusiasm and a great deal of doubt. The plan was quite straightforward: I would take pictures of my favourite places and share them through my little corner on the Internet whenever I felt like it. Sounded like fun but I would most probably get tired of it after a while. Or that’s what I thought, at least! Little did I know that blogging would turn into a big love and slightly addictive hobby. 

*clears throat* My name is Sandy and I’m a blogaholic. There, I said it! From the moment I saw that the subject of this month’s link up that AnnaEmmaRebecca and Kelly are co-hosting was “Blog Addicts Anonymous” I knew I had to come clean. Not only was it really fun to document all the weird habits blogging has got me into but it also served as a reminder that I’m most certainly not alone in this. If you have a blog and recognize yourself in more than one of the situations below, it means you’re probably part of the group too (and should not be afraid to admit it)!


:: Your blog is your baby ::

You nurtured it during its first steps and are proud to see it growing. Time flies without even feeling bored or tired when you’re blogging and nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing a new blog post going live. It makes you feel happy, creative and you’re there to make sure that everything is perfect down to the slightest detail.

:: You’ll do anything to get the right shot ::

Nothing is more important than taking the perfect picture and you’re willing to do anything it takes: stand on a chair for the perfect #flatlay, resist digging into the mouthwatering cake you just ordered or lie on the grass although you’re into your favourite new dress. All for the sake of the blog – yep, your baby needs to look as pretty as possible! 

confessions_blogaholic_blogging_addiction_smarksthespots_blog_02:: Only your fellow blogger friends get you ::

Your friends are fed up with the fact that you won’t let them start eating before you get the perfect shot and don’t really get what SEO, bloggers’ events or WordPress are about. In fact, they don’t even understand why you need to spend that much time at all on your blog. Normal people vs Blogaholics 1-0. That’s why you’re thrilled to go out with your blogging buddies who are happy to talk for over an hour about new spots, photography settings and the perfect plugin they installed lately.

:: Forget about books or magazines – it’s all about blogs! ::

You used to be a bookworm and buy lots of magazines but not any more – you simply don’t have time for it! You’d rather read and comment on other people’s blogs who inspire you to become even better. You travelled in Peru, dined in a cute Parisian bistro and found the perfect recipe for quinoa patties – all in a matter of half an hour. You’re almost convinced that blogs are the magazines of the future!

confessions_blogaholic_blogging_addiction_smarksthespots_blog_04:: You stick to your blogging schedule ::

You know on which specific days/timeframes you should publish your upcoming blog posts and have carefully planned your agenda to visit the hot new restaurant that opened last week or the beautiful hidden garden in the city centre that you can’t wait to share. Going twice in a row to the same spot? Not possible. There is a whole list of new places to be tried, tested and ticked off your ever-growing blogger list.

:: You’re active on nearly every social media platform ::

You know your way around social media and will make sure to update each several times throughout the day. You have actually developed a certain routine that’s hard to shake: morning coffee with a side of Pinterest inspiration, sharing your latest blog post on Facebook and Blogloving during lunch break, uploading your favourite picture of the day on Instagram and chat with your fellow bloggers on Twitter later in the afternoon. There is no way you won’t check your stats even when you’re on holidays and a bad internet connection is amongst your greatest fears.

Now your turn! Are you a blogaholic too? Do you also love blogging so much? Let me know in the comments section below and feel free to share your website address – I’m always looking for more great blogs to follow.


Sandy (@smarksthespots)