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A very famous model said once that she would not get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. Since my lifestyle is far more frugal than that, my equivalent would be a good brunch or a nearby flower market, especially on a Sunday! That’s why I had no problem giving up on my sleepy Sunday morning ritual a few weeks back to visit the Columbia Road Flower Market, one of my favourite spots in East London.

Columbia Road comes alive on Sundays when the market is on (that is between 8.00 and around 15.00) overflowing with colourful, deliciously-smelling flowers, cheerful sellers and happy locals trying to score the best deals. Having said that, I need to set the record straight. Contrary to popular belief, Columbia Road Flower Market is not big; quite the opposite I would say! On those rare perfect sunny London days it gets cramped, so you better come too early or right before it closes to enjoy it to the fullest. I was lucky enough to visit it on a rather grey and rainy early Sunday morning, which meant that the crowds were nowhere to be seen and I could pick up some blooms without waiting forever.

Apart from the gorgeous flower stalls, the surrounding vintage shops, galleries and cute little cafes are another good reason to visit the Columbia Road Flower Market. My favourite place for coffee and cake is the Lily Vanilli Bakery (more on that soon!), but I can also recommend The Royal Oak and Campania Gastronomia if you fancy something savoury. I wish all my Sundays could start like this!

Address: Columbia Road, E2 7RG London, UK

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