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Brussels has a ton of great restaurants but every now and then it’s really nice to leave the city in the search of new foodie and fun spots. As I’ve mentioned before here on the blog, one of the things that make Brussels such an attractive destination is that it’s just a short ride away from so many different places. A few weeks ago my partner in crime and I headed to Leuven to try Clochard de Luxe.

Located in Leuven’s largest square, Ladeuzeplein, this place won me over at first sight with its spacious terrace overlooking the monumental University Library building. Luckily, the weather was very nice, so we took our seats and kicked off our dinner with a couple of drinks as we went through the menu and watched people go by. There were several options to choose from, ranging from snacks to pasta, fish and meat dishes, including some Belgian classics. I can never resist the grey shrimp croquettes (if you haven’t tried them, make sure to do so!), so I had them as a starter while my dinner companion went for the smoked salmon. As you can tell by the photos, portions were really generous and good value for money.

As we were waiting for our mains, I was curious to have a look inside the restaurant and was positively surprised by how cozy it felt. But soon it was time for the next course: scampi with rum sauce and pasta with salmon, tasty and very filling. By the end of our meal we were so full that we decided to skip dessert in favour of mint tea. A special mention is due to our waitress Melody who was as sweet as her name and so very helpful – she made the whole experience even more special.

If you’re planning a visit Leuven and you’re looking for a nice restaurant, give Clochard de Luxe a try. I’m actually heading back to Leuven soon for an exciting project that I can’t wait to share with you soon, so if you have any tips about other great spots around the city, please do share!

Address: Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein 5, 3000 Leuven, Belgium 
Telephone: +32 16 205787
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*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Clochard de Luxe is now closed.*

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