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One of my favourite things to do whenever I am in Greece during the summer is to go to the movies. Well, I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting, but trust me, it is. Because going to the cinema means watching my favourite movies with my friends under the stars. With a ridiculous amount of freshly made popcorn or even better, a big juicy souvlaki (if you are wondering what that means, I suggest you book a ticket to Greece asap since it’s the most delicious street food ever!) Open-air cinemas are an integral part of Greek culture and a unique concept from what I’ve noticed through my travels. If you ever visit Greece when the weather is nice (which luckily means from mid-April until late September), go to your nearest one – it’s an experience worth living.

While I was in Mykonos, I discovered one of the most beautiful open-air cinemas I’ve ever been to. Cine Manto is located in the heart of the island, well hidden in the narrow streets of Matoyiannia of bustly Chora. Calm and full of flagrant palm trees and pines, it’s a true oasis and the most beautiful spot to enjoy your coffee, dinner or a late-night screening before you start bar-hopping. The day I took the pictures at Cine Manto, I also had the chance to stumble upon Petros, the pelican, i.e. the mascot of Mykonos. I spent a morning trying to be friends with him but be warned, he’s not an easy one!

Address: Chora, 84600 Mykonos, Greece
Telephone: +30 22890 26165
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