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When I first saw on Instagram that Chyl had finally opened, I was very curious to discover this spot. Brussels seems to be making a shift towards healthy restaurants at the moment with the arrival of concepts like Au Marché Noir and Moonfood which I can’t help but applaud, so last Sunday I hopped on my bike and cycled all the way there for a spot of brunch (pun most definitely intended!).  

Housed in a beautifully renovated town house on Avenue Louise that used to be a restaurant, Chyl is a sustainable shop, café and beauty corner. On the ground floor there’s a bio store that could easily become another favourite next to Tan and Farm. There you’ll find a wide selection of nuts, dried fruits and cereal but also cosmetics, fresh vegetables and other bio products. The space next to that has been converted to a cafe – restaurant with a beautiful terrace in the back. The interior is lovely indeed: high ceilings, big windows that let plenty of light in, hanging plants and modern accents that blend in successfully with the classic character of the house. 

The menu is quite short but everything looks delish. My partner in crime and I decided to share the English breakfast and one of the tapas platters with pitta bread, falafel, hummus, yoghurt, aubergine dip and roasted vegetables which we happily washed down with fresh fruit juice. Good thing they had run out of avocado toast because by the end of our meal we were positively full! Although I’m generally not a fan of English breakfast (it somehow seems odd to me to have beans in the morning), this one was particularly good while the sharing platter was wonderful and something I would definitely order again for a drink with a group of friends. Our bill came around 45 euros which is certainly not cheap but still reasonable for Brussels’ standards.

Upstairs there’s also a small beauty space in case you want to treat yourself to a nice manicure, a hairdo or a make up session. Apparently you can also book the space for a group of people, so I’m really tempted to gather my girlfriends and spend some quality time there after a nice breakfast!

Address: Rue de Belle-Vue 62, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 6483476
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