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There are some weekends when you feel like doing nothing but relaxing. Whenever I’m in such a lazy state of mind, I always look for a nice brunch place where I can enjoy a nice meal, flip through my freshly bought magazines and write the blog.

I decided to go to Chez nous, a lovely restaurant just off Place du Jeu de Balle in The Marolles, where the famous antique flea market takes place. The atmosphere is warm and homey – old armchairs, wooden tables, old books, fresh flowers, ceramic plates and long shelves with all kinds of antiques and curiosities.

The food is hearty and well made: brunch includes a poached egg with herb pesto, apple or orange Oxfam juice, a warm drink and free access to the buffet where you can find a selection of both savoury (brie cheese, quinoa salad with broccoli, olives and goat cheese, spinach or tuna salad, red cabbage salad with sesame and coriander, sausages with carrots and oven baked potato wedges with rosemary and garlic) and sweet delicacies (orange blossom yoghurt, muesli, red fruits coulis and last but not least, my personal favourite apple-banana-almond crumble). Overall a very good deal for only 17€; I just wish there were a greater variety in terms of choice from week to week.

On warm sunny days, take a seat at their little front terrace and enjoy your brunch while watching all the action at the flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle.

Address: Place du Jeu de Balle 16, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Chez Nous is now closed.*

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)