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The Chatelain area is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Brussels. Apart from the fact that I used to live for a few years in the past, it hosts a lively open-air market on Wednesdays and it happens to be full of great foodie spots, like La Fabrique, Dam Sum, Tan, Marcel Burger Bar and now Chez Augusta.

Located in the heart of Chatelain, this spot is the brainchild of Olivier Cazaubon, a Frenchman who was introduced to delicious food by his grandmother, Augusta whose picture is displayed in the room. The restaurant is a tribute to her and feels warm and welcoming, the kind of place that makes you feel at ease and relax. The interior is dominated by the dark colour of the walls and interesting accents, like the copper lamps, vintage leather chairs and wooden bar. 

The food reflects Olivier’s origin from Southwest France and the homeland of Spanish chef German Moleon. The Pyrenees meet the Basque Country on a plate. On the menu small dishes to share, bigger ones if you prefer to have them all to yourself and homemade desserts. The menu changes depending on what’s available on the market and most of the ingredients are bio, so the quality is definitely there. The great wine selection is also worth mentioning. Olivier is actually a sommelier, so feel free to ask him for recommendations. He’s working with more than 300 biodynamic wineries and proposed to us two excellent wines that complemented perfectly our food.

My partner in crime and I decided to share one small dish and go for two main courses. Our starter was an “oeuf parfait” (cooked at 65°C to preserve all its flavours) with oyster mushrooms and buckwheat – it was good but probably our least favourite from the rest. Our mains – sole filet with red pepper and chorizo sauce and Camargue red rice for me and tender chicken with vegetables for him, were really tasty. Well cooked, full of flavour, hearty food. We finished our meal with coffee from Aksum Coffee House and a delicious chocolate tart with slated butter caramel sauce. Although we were really full, we were tempted to go for another one as desserts in Chez Augusta are served “à volonté”. Yep, you can practically eat as much as your sweet tooth desires!

If you’re looking for a great spot for lunch or dinner in Chatelain, Chez Augusta is a real treat. Take your friends or family, make yourself comfortable and enjoy! 

Address: Rue du Tabellion 31, 1050 Ixelles
Telephone: +32 2 5389112

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Chez Augusta is now closed.*

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