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The Cafe du Sablon is the little brother of the Cafe de la Presse, a very popular hangout on Avenue Louise. I spotted quite a few similarities between the two: free wifi and international press, laid back atmosphere as well as homemade sweet and savoury treats, including the irresistible cupcakes from LilicupWhat’s new about the Cafe du Sablon is the concept of slow coffee. The barista are specialists which makes the Cafe du Sablon one of my favourite coffee spots in Brussels.

The decor is a mix and match of vintage and Scandic design elements which give the whole space an industrial yet slick feel. Add in there views over the iconic church of the Notre-Dame du Sablon and you get a nice little spot to take a coffee break. If you find yourselves in the beautiful Sablon area, whether it is for quick visit to the Petit Sablon or a spot of antique shopping, make sure to check out this place. The best part? It’s open every day, including Sundays welcoming its guests, visitors and locals alike, who have one thing in common – they love good coffee.

Address: Rue de la Régence 26, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5033999
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