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The Cafe de la Presse has been one of the “it” cafes in Brussels ever since it opened back in 2011 at the end of Avenue Louise. I guess we could safely say that its owner, François Lafontaine, who’s also the man behind the Apéros Urbains and Cafe Capitale has come up with the recipe for success!

As the name suggests, the Cafe de la Presse offers free wifi and international press for its guests. The decor is industrial with cool details, like the vintage mismatched armchairs and the large wooden communal table where I always play board games on Sundays together with friends. The coffee selection is quite extensive, including a few Starbucks-inspired beverages, but there’s also food (soups, quiches, salads, bagels) and of course sweet treats for those with a major sweet tooth like yours truly. Note: cupcakes from Lilicup and very good muffins! 

Given that I’m practically a Brussels brunch expert by now, I’ve also tried their brunch which is not bad but not my favourite either. Having said that, I have to admit that at times I do find the Cafe de la Presse to be too crowded and noisy, especially during the weekend. If you’re lucky enough to go on a clam day though, you’ll really get to enjoy it at its fullest. Otherwise, you can always try their second branch, the Cafe du Sablon.

Address: Avenue Louise 493, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 6444803
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