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When I first posted about APDM – Au Pays des Merveilles on my Facebook page, BTB Eatery popped up as a recommendation by a fellow foodie. Having enjoyed the bagels at APDM – so much so to include them in my favourite brunch spots in Brussels – I knew I had to check this place asap. And so I did!

BTB stands for “Between the Buns” hinting at the fact that here it’s all about the bagels. Well, I’m happy to report that this is not the case as BTB also offers a few more sweet and savoury treats. Case in point: a breakfast of champions with eggs, bacon, pancakes, maple syrup, jam and chocolate spread. Just take a look at the pictures below… Filling, hearty, delicious!

The menu features a large number of both cold and warm bagels of all kinds (sesame, olives, onion, poppy seeds, spinach and dried tomatoes to name a few). Apart from the classic cream cheese, which is also available in different flavour combinations, there’s a great variety of toppings. One thing’s for sure: there’s no way you won’t find something you like or leave hungry! Unfortunately, the bagel fell short in terms of flavour and richness. Don’t get me wrong, it was decent and reasonably priced (6,50€) but I would have liked a more generous portion of salad and probably a fresher bagel.

Having said that, BTB Eatery is a place I would return to, especially for the aforementioned “breakfast of champions” or a homemade smoothie. If you’re looking for a laid back lunch or brunch within a budget in downtown Brussels, make sure to check it out.

Address: Rue de Flandre 92, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, BTB Eatery is now closed.*

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