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Very often people ask me why they should visit Brussels and I typically direct them to this post which includes, amongst other things, its outdoor festivals. There are tons of different activities organized around town, including some pretty cool events for us foodies: Eat! Brussels, the Frunch, the Tram Experience and last but not least, the Brussels Food Truck Festival.

Every year in May hundreds of food trucks gather in Brussels for a few days to offer an original culinary experience in a festive atmosphere as part of the Iris Festival. The Boulevard de l’Impératrice and Mont des Arts transform into a yummy itinerary for gluttons with music, quirky little trucks and all kinds of flavours. This year round it will take place in Parc Royal and I can’t wait to see what it will be like. Fun fact: the Brussels Food Truck Festival is the largest of its kind in Europe! I’ve been to all the past editions and what I really liked is that besides the Belgian food trucks (like Mellow), I also had the chance to try a vast array of street food from neighbouring countries, like France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.  

Brussels seems to have embraced the street food movement in the past few years. Even when the festival is not on, you’ll always find a a few different food trucks in local markets and of course, I do have my favourites: El Taco Mobil, Il Sapore della Dolce Vita and Nanouk. I have come to love the experience of quality food on the go, so during the Food Truck Festival I kind of felt I was in street food heaven – there were just so many different dishes on offer made by enthusiastic cooks! Really fun atmosphere as long as you can handle big crowds, as it is normally packed with people. I think the best strategy is to peruse the stalls before making a choice – just make sure to arrive hungry and armed with patience.

If you’re looking for mini gastronomic adventure with friends or family, the Brussels Food Truck Festival is good fun. Entrance is free, so all you need is to do is spot the best delicacies, enjoy them and send me a picture (or two!) on Instagram or Twitter with the #seemybrussels hashtag!

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