Last Saturday we all tweeted and instagramed non-stop about the first Brussels Food Friends event. I already received quite a few questions about it, so without further ado I present you (*drumroll please*) our first Brussels foodies’ meet-up!

The #BFF concept: Brussels Food Friends is an initiative bringing together Brussels-based food bloggers. It’s true that as a blogger you end up spending a significant amount of your free time online interacting with other people on social media, so it’s nice to able to meet with fellow bloggers, exchange experiences, inspire each other and – why not? – make new friends! The first #BFF meet-up was a great start and am already looking forward to the next event which will take place in June. Follow the hashtag #BFF or #BXLFF and watch this space for future updates!

The venue: Our first get-together was hosted by The Hotel, a Brussels landmark that boasts some of the best views over the city. We all gathered at The Lounge, where The Hotel’s afternoon tea is served (11:00-18:00). The venue itself is posh yet very modern and their service impeccable – I honestly don’t think we could have hoped for a better spot for this event.

The delicacies: Satisfying a group of people (food bloggers no less) is not an easy task. Except when you’re as talented as chef Pierre Balthazar and patissier Claudio Renzi whose creations you can enjoy at The Restaurant (on top of my to-do list at the moment). I can safely say we were all blown away by their signature Cube Cakes – colourful, very pretty and incredibly tasty. In case you’re wondering about the flavours, here’s the detailed list: red = yoghurt with raspberry, green = pistachio with strawberry, orange = chocolate with orange, white = vanilla with green apple and white chocolate, yellow = passion fruit with mango and white chocolate, purple = blackberry with lemon and dark chocolate. We were determined to prove our commitment by having more than our fair share and trying them all! I may or may not have had two of my favourite ones from their new cube cake selection, i.e. white chocolate with pistachio and red fruit and dark chocolate with kumquat and litchi cream, respectively. But then again, calories don’t count on the weekend, right?

The people: A great part of the event’s success is owed to the lovely group of people who attended. Next to some familiar faces from the Timmermans x Keep on Toasting tasting event, I also got the chance to meet fellow foodie bloggers from all around the world who also live in Brussels. We chattered, exchanged foodie tips, took loads of pictures and promised to see each other again really soon.

The goodies: After we said our goodbyes, we all headed back to our computer screens for a spot of blogging but not empty-handed! Our goodie bag, courtesy of Dille & Kamille, contained some great foodie treats: speculoos from Maison Dandoy, chocolate from famous chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud, Debbie’s artisan goats cheese, a pot of Arianna’s yummy jam and a very cute Belgian souvenir. Yep, we were spoilt rotten but loved every bit of it!

Many thanks to our hosts, my fellow bloggers and the lovely ladies who organised the event; I had a really great time! À bientôt / Tot ziens!

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)