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As any other foodie, I have a thing with food markets. One of the first things I am keen to discover in the different cities I find myself in is the local  cuisine. And what better way to do that than nibbling your way around a food market, right? Borough Market is one of the greatest places for foodies in London and one of my favourite spots in the UK capital.

A little fun fact: Borough Market is actually London’s oldest food market. No wonder it took a couple of years of massive renovation works before it opened in its current state. Luckily, the magic is still there. Whenever I visit, I always make sure to take a stroll around the various stalls and see what’s on offer. Everything you could wish for is there from fresh fruits and veggies piled high to meat, fish, artisan cheese, organic tea and homemade cakes and bread. A true foodie’s paradise! 

But the part I’m always looking forward to is the street stalls. What can I say? Brussels Food Truck Festival has spoiled me big time, so I have officially become a street food aficionado (yep, that’s totally a thing!). Spanish Paella, German currywurst, English pies and mash, salt beef sandwiches and other delicious stuff can be found under the roof of Borough Market where bustling with Londoners and visitors come together. Don’t be afraid to ask the traders for help, they are all very kind and – dare I say – generous (attention: many free samples offered!).

Look out for the opening hours and enjoy! And if you feel like taking a coffee break afterwards, try the nearby Monmouth Coffee Company.

Address: 8 Southwark Street,  London SE1 1TL, UK
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